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 Server Update: March 09, 2017

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PostSubject: Server Update: March 09, 2017    Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:44 pm

New Update March 09, 2017

Added: SkyBlock
/is - claim your first island you can choice from 3 types
- Standart
- Easy
- Hard

Added: JumpPads on HUB




/cm help (Help command)​
/cm menu (Default GUI menu)​
/cm tp <companyName> (Teleport to the company's headquaters)​
/cm companies (List of all companies)​
/cm staff <companyName> (List of employees working for company)​
/cm balance <companyName> (Check company's balance)​
/cm value <companyName> (Check company's value)​
/cm capital <companyName> (Check company's default capital)​


/cm contract <contrName> <provider - company> <client - company> <money> <text> (Create a new contract)​
/cm contractAcc <contrName> (Accept the contract - client side)​
/cm contractRej <contrName> (Reject the contract - client side)​
/cm contracts <companyName> (List of all contracts)​
/cm contractDetail <contrName> (Contract detail)​


/cm review <companyName> <points - 0-10> <text> (Create a new review)​
/cm reviewRemove <companyName> (Remove your own review for this company)​
/cm reviewRemovet <playerName> <contrName> (Remove other player's review - admin only)​
/cm reviews <companyName> (List of all reviews)​
/cm reputation <companyName> (Show reputation of this company)
/cm reviewDetail <playerName> <companyName> (Contract detail)​

Setting up:

/cm create <name> <capital> (Create a company)​
/cm remove <name> (Remove a company)​
/cm setLobby <companyName> (Change company's headquaters)​
/cm hiring <companyName> <true/false> (Will change hiringstatus)​
/cm deposit <companyName> <money> (Deposit money to your company)​
/cm withdraw <companyName> <money> (Withdraw money from your company)​


/cm join <name> <text> (Make a job application with your own text)​
/cm leave <name> (Leave a company)​
/cm accept <companyName> <playerName> (Accept new member)​
/cm reject <companyName> <playerName> (Reject a new member)​
/cm promote <companyName> <playerName> (Promote player)​
/cm demote <companyName> <playerName> (Demote player)​
/cm kick <companyName> <playerName> (Kick player from the company)​
/cm setSalary <companyName> <playerName> <newSalary> (Change a player's salary)​
/cm salary <companyName> (See your salary)

Have a nice time
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Server Update: March 09, 2017
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